Humaniac™ Cat Castles


The Humaniactm “Cat Castle” is both a carrier, and a house. Designed to help cats adjust to new environments and settle into their forever homes. The main carrier has multiple ventilation holes and a “drawbridge” door, allowing you to have the unit open or closed. The attachable “turret” gives the cat a sentry point from the comfort of their own little home.


Cats often become aggressive or stressed when brought into a shelter’s captivity, agitated by their cold, stainless steel cage. As animal professionals know, it’s paramount to provide these cats with a temporary area they can hide in and call their own.

The Humaniactm “Cat Castle” (Patent No. US D760,445 S) provides cats with a safe, cozy, and secure environment, helping to minimize the stress of shelter life.  The main carrier has multiple ventilation holes and a “drawbridge” that allows the carrier to be either closed off or open. This permits the cat to exit or enter when it feels comfortable to do so, helping it to become familiar with its surroundings at its own pace.  The attachable “turret” turns into a viewing platform or a sentry point so they can see what is going on around them and become more familiar with their surroundings.  It also provides a separation point from the main carrier while still within its own scent area. The cardboard construction takes on the cat’s own scent, fostering a sense of home. By providing the cat with options like hiding, stalking, or resting, this cardboard cat house aids in the promotion of natural feline behavior quickly.  These features help the cat feel safe and secure not only in the shelter but also in the transitioning period to their new forever home.

Made from sturdy cardboard that is fully recyclable. Humaniac™ Cat Castles are made in the USA from at least 30% recycled material. These dens create a much more cat-friendly living space than a bare cage, while remaining cost-effective.

Exceptionally easy to set up. Folds down flat for storage and shipping.


  • For cats: up to 17kg
  • When set up: 40cm L x 28cm W x 35cm H
  • With turret: 40cm L x 28cm W x 46cm H
  • Internal dimensions: 40cm L x 28 cm W x 23 cm H

Available as:

  • Individual units
  • Packs of 15
  • Packs of 75
  • Packs of 150

For orders of more than 150 Cat Castles please call +61 3 9532 6069 or email a representative at [email protected].


We suggest you call our office (+61 3 9532 6069 or send an email to [email protected]) to place an order for this item, as we are experiencing difficulties with the freight calculations.  However, if you do order via our webstore, we will contact you to confirm the correct freight and will adjust any errors in the amount of freight charged.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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