Compostable Dog Tidy Bags



These large waste bags have been thoughtfully designed to allow you to open your hand wide from within the bag, so you can safely pick up waste with ease. They can be conveniently tied up for later disposal, with the added bonus of a built-in handle to make tying up and carrying the bag extra easy.

Compostable DogTidy Bags can be placed in your green bin or your home compost and will completely degrade back into organic materials! 

Each carton has 8 rolls (400 bags per roll).


Introducing the all new fully Compostable DogTidy Bags!

The all new compostable bag is ideal for both home and community use.

We’ve updated our poop bags to be more environmentally friendly without losing any of the key components of the original DogTidy Bags.

  • Compliant with both the AS 4736-2006 and AS5810-2010 standards.
  • Easy to tie handles, generous sizing and will fit in existing DogTidy Pet Collection Systems!
  • 400 Bags per roll.

Available now for purchase!

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