Tru Catch Carriers


We have two types of Tru Catch Carriers, both available in two sizes.


We have two types of Tru Catch Carriers in our range:

  • Top & End Door Carrier – This top & end loading carrier comes in small (TC-T18TE) and large (TC-T24TE)
  • Restraint Carrier – Restraint Carriers allow the handler to restrict the animal to one side of the cage for vaccinations. It also allows easy transfer from a TruCatch Trap or Carrier. Also known as a Squeeze Cage, this product comes in small (TC-RC18) and large (TC-RC24)


  • Small – 18″ (45.7cm)
  • Large – 24″ (61cm)

Each carrier is designed to make animal transportation simple and convenient, and are compatible with a range of traps including the 30-LTD, 30-D, 36-D, 30-Fat Cat and 42-D. Transferring an animal from a trap to a carrier frees the trap and enables it to be used again, making for a more efficient and cost-effective trapping experience. The TruCatch carriers are designed for veterinary or animal control use, but are also well suited for home use.

*Manufacturer five year guarantee against animal damage.

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