Dog Tidy

DogTidy is an environmentally friendly dog waste collection system, the most widely used doggie bag system in the world — and for good reason!

Cleaner parks and outdoor spaces, and a cleaner environment.

Keep your grounds tidy and sightly with the discreet, eco-friendly DogTidy Waste Collection System.

With the full suite of DogTidy bins, bin liners, bags and bag dispensers, keeping your green spaces free of dog waste has never been easier. With bins and bio-degradable bags always at the ready, pedestrians will no longer have an excuse to not pick up after their furry friends.

The Problem

The threat of fines is no longer enough to deter dog walkers from not picking up after their dogs. Despite many a park operator’s best efforts, uncollected dog waste continues to be a constant nuisance for groundskeepers and visitors alike. Sure, the simple solution may be to just outright ban dogs — but the countless, courteous and rule-following dog walkers won’t take too kindly to that!  It’s clear that something else needs to be done to stop the dirtying-up of our outdoor spaces.

The Solution

When uncollected waste is such a rampant problem, the best, most intuitive solution is to provide a convenient, discreet way to dispose of it. We’ve got to always assume dogs are going to be walked on our properties, and with the DogTidy system installed throughout your green space, visitors will have no excuse for not cleaning up after their pets.

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