TeleDart Advanced Darting Systems

Clearly the most advanced darting system in the world is the German-engineered TeleDart system. The twenty year warranty is unheard of with other equipment and reflects the sturdiness and quality built in. Projectors accommodate 11mm, 13mm, and 16mm barrels which are interchangeable in just a few seconds. A variety of sighting options is also available. TeleDart projectors feature unprecedented accuracy ? even at long ranges. And use couldn’t be simpler or faster: just insert the loaded dart into the loading chamber, charge the pressure chamber while aiming, pull the trigger. Dart quality is also by far the most advanced in the world. The lightweight plastic darts are unbreakable. They have a unique needle hub seating system that completely secures the needle to the dart. Plus the darts are the most economical on the market. (TeleDart darts can replace all other 11mm darts such as Daninject and Telinject).
Most advanced technology
20 year guarantee!
Greatest effectiveness
Simplicity of design and function

Special Features:
Nearly silent operation
Infinite pressure adjustment up or down
Adjustable custom-fit for each shooter (rifle)
Sturdy design and construction
Shoots darts from all systems – 11, 13, & 16mm
Indestructible and lightweight darts
Usable in all temperature ranges
Full-view pressure gauge while aiming
Built-in sights plus optional scope or red-dot
Safety release valve
Dart sizes 1mm to 20mm
Comes in complete kit with everything needed

13mm barrel (for use with Pneudart and Cap-Chur darts)
16mm barrel (for use with larger Teledart darts)
Telescopic sight
Red Dot sight
Airpump (to replace CO2 charging)
45gr. CO2 cartridge adaptor