ACES Cat Carrier


The ACES Cat Carrier is great for transporting cats safely and securely. This Cat Carrier can also be used for transporting other small domestic animals and is made in Australia. This is a heavy duty unit and has a solid plastic base, along with a loose mesh base keeping the animal clean if there are any accidents. Our Cat Carriers are used by the Lost Dogs Home, Vets, Animal Welfare groups and Councils all over Australia.


Our ACES Cat Carrier has a top-opening door with a centre-carry handle, and is simple and easy to use. This carrier is sturdy, safe, and suitable for small/medium animals of any kind. Our Cat Carrier can be separated into 3 parts – plastic base, mesh top, mesh floor. These parts are easy to remove and attach. The durable plastic base is perfect for keeping with the animal once it has been transferred to a cage or kennel (use it to hold water for animals like ducks, as a bed, or even a litter tray).  This unit is ideal for trips to the vet, transport and travel, as well as rescues.

  • Australian Made: designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne.
  • Heavy duty: Strong mesh, solid plastic base.
  • Clean: separates into three parts, making it exceptionally easy to clean and sanitize.
      • Including a removable raised interior mesh floor. This gives the animal a platform, raising them off the plastic base to prevent them from sitting in any soiling.
  • Space saving: Store multiple units in your facility by stacking the parts together when separated into their 3 main parts.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 46 × 38 × 32 cm

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