Humaniac™ ‘Bag-a-Snake’


Our ‘Bag-a-Snake’ snake catching bag features an aluminium triangular frame with a detachable handle. The bag is constructed of a double-layer black cotton and is secured to the frame via Velcro® taping all around the opening of the snake bag. Snakes can be secured in the bag by fastening the attached ties.


Our Humaniac™ ‘Bag-a-Snake’ is a snake catching bag that makes for an easier, calmer snake catching experience. The triangular shape of the strong aluminium frame allows for pressing up against flat surfaces and into corners, encouraging the snake to enter the bag by reducing the presence of gaps. The snake bag is constructed of a double layer of breathable black cotton, providing a dark environment to keep the snake calm. Secure the snake inside the bag by fastening cotton ties incorporated into the middle of the bag. The handle includes a thick, textured overlay to support your grip and reduce discomfort when handling the weight of a snake. The frame, bag, and handle are all detachable, providing ease of storage and giving you options for the transport and transfer of snakes. The bag is machine washable and attaches via Velcro® taping that encompasses the whole frame. A great companion to our Snake Tongs and Snake Hooks



  • Smooth catch: The triangular frame allows you to press the frame flat against surfaces and into corners
  • Easy to store and transport: Snake bag, frame, and handle are all detachable
  • Secure: Ties incorporated into the snake bag to secure the snake inside
  • Strong: Aluminium frame, double layer cotton bag
  • Keep the snake calm: The double layer of breathable black cotton provides darkness to keep the snake calm


  • Handle length: 66cm
  • Full assembled length: 100cm
  • Triangular head width: 38cm
  • Bag Depth: 112cm
  • Approx. Weight:
    • Without bag: 700g
    • With snake bag: 900g

Replacement bag also available.

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