High Grade Snake Tong


These High Grade Snake Tongs are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum tubing, with internal wiring, and feature a comfortable hand contoured pistol grip for ease of use.  With a wide grip size and powerful gripping mechanism, these tongs are capable of handling larger snakes than other tongs on offer.


Designed for the humane handling of snakes.  These Snake Tongs are used and recommended by professional herpetologists.

  • Strong: Aircraft grade aluminium tubing with internal wiring
  • Comfortable and easy to use: Hand contoured pistol grip
  • Superior: Can handle larger snakes than other tongs thanks to the:
        • Wide grip size
        • Powerful gripping mechanism

Available in two lengths:

  • Cage Tong – 40″ (102cm)
  • Field Tong – 60″ (152cm)

Additional information

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