ACES Snake Hooks


Snake hooks are recommended for experienced handlers, unlike our Snake Tongs which are better suited to those with less experience. Five Snake Hook models available. Our Standard Hook is ideal for most snakes and is also available in a collapsible version. The Narrow Hook, also known as an Elapid Hook is ideal for most snakes found in Australia. Our Heavy Duty Hook will safely and humanely handle the largest snake.


Recommended for experienced handlers (if you’re not skilled with Snake Hooks, we generally recommend our Snake Tongs).

Our models are:

  • Standard Hook – 40″ (102cm). A very gentle tool for restraint and lifting of most snakes.
  • Collapsible Standard  Hook – 40″ (102cm). 17″ (43cm) Collapsed. Ideal for compact storage or travel. Do not use to pin snakes, or lift or flip debris.
  • Narrow Hook – 40″ (102cm) This is the snake hook most used in Australia. The opening is smaller than our STD-HK a bit larger than the STD-NHK but deeper.
  • Collapsible Narrow Hook – 40″ (102cm). 17″ (43cm) Collapsed. Ideal for bushwalking and travel. Do not use to pin snakes, or lift or flip debris.
  • Heavy Duty Hook – 7″ (19cm) wide x 4′ (122cm) long. Designed for use on large, heavy-bodied snakes such as constrictors or pythons.

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