Dog Tidy Complete Bin


The Dog Tidy Bin is the complete unit. It will see dog walkers through the act of proper waste disposal from taking a bag out of the dispenser to disposing of it. This unit ensures walkers have easy access to bags and a bin, increasing the chance of dog waste being disposed of correctly.


This 14.5-gallon (55 Litres), powder-coated aluminum bin, with its matching steel post, is both attractive in an outdoor setting and exceedingly strong.

The built-in dispensers (holds 2x rolls of 200 bags) have specialized hooks to ensure only one bag is taken at a time — keep wastefulness to a minimum!

Visual, step-by-step instructions are displayed on the lid.


  • Built-in Dispensers – one on each side!
  • Specialised Hooks – only one bag can be dispensed at a time
  • Durable – powder-coated aluminium
  • Steel Post – mount it easily, anywhere
  • 55 Litres (14.5 Gallons) – Compact and discreet with plenty of room to collect waste
  • Wire basket – for waste collection
  • Green – blends in nicely with outdoor spaces (shades of green may vary)
  • Tubular pin tumbler lock – for prevention of tampering, theft, and vandalism
  • Visual instructions – to encourage correct use and disposal of bags

This unit has been carefully curated to leave no excuses for citizens to not pick up after their dogs!


Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 120 × 35 × 45 cm

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