Pet Waste Pick Up System

The Problem

The fouling of car parks, reserves and walk-ways through doggie-do continues unabated, despite the hefty fines imposed by Councils! Do we simply accept the danger to our and our childrens’ health – and the unsightly and stinking mess at storm water exits into our uniquely beautiful waterways?

The Solution

The solution to the problem is this: Authorities responsible for the maintenance of parks, reserves and walk-ways must become pro-active and provide dog owners with the facility on the spot to dispose of the doggie-do.

The Dog Tidy system provides this facility with the dispensing of bags – on the spot – either through the combined Bag Dispenser/Receptacle Bin or through the separate Bag Dispenser. Heavy duty, high density fully degradable bags are dispensed in a unique way to ensure that only one bag is torn off at a time. The non-transparent bags are equipped with handles for easy tying and carrying and are imprinted with pictorial instructions for use.

Both the Dispenser/Bin and the Dispenser are made from power coated weather resistant aluminum and are of robust construction, which will keep their attractive appearance for many years. Non-aluminum components are made from stainless steel.

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