Dog Tidy Bag Dispenser


This locking dispenser holds a roll of 200 bags and releases just one bag at a time. Made from extra-heavy aluminum and powder coated for a lifetime of durability. The dispenser is designed so that you can mount it on a wide range of posts, or even trees, and it has an inbuilt tamper-proof lock to reduce vandalism.

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Made from solid aluminum and steel for unbeatable longevity, this DogTidy Bag Dispenser complements the DogTidy Bin System in larger parks, especially those with a large trash collection infrastructure in place.

It can attach to almost any pole or post, and comes complete with built-in hooks to ensure only one bag is taken at a time.

Includes inbuilt tamper-proof lock.

Two options available:

  • Dispenser only
  • Dog Tidy Special: 1x Dispenser & 1x Carton of DogTidy Bags.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 18 cm


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