Hose-End Sprayer Kit


ACES heavy-duty hose-end sprayer is built tough for professional use. Automatically meters cleaner/disinfectant concentrate to the exact ratio. Combines attachments for both heavy-duty blasting and foaming. Features a quick-disconnect coupling reservoir. Our sprayers are adjustable to accommodate all of ACES’ cleaning products. The 95-QGFMR adjusts to ratios of 1:128, 1:64, 1:32, 1:20, & 1:10.


This cleaning sanitizing sprayer is for use with non-foaming cleansers.

A Quart Sprayer that Gets Rid of the Grime
If you have an area that is coated with pesky dirt and grime, this quart sprayer is here to help. This easy-to-use applicator works as a sprayer and a foamer. Its fast dial systems provide you with six different settings for all your cleaning needs.

Multi-function Cleaner Applicator
This three-in-one cleaner applicator will take care of all of your cleaning needs. It has a one-quart jug that can hold the cleaning concentrate of your choice so you can cater it to your needs. The quart sprayer works in all types of areas, including hard-to-reach parts of your home or workplace.

The dial on the quart sprayer gives you six different options that can be changed fast depending on your mess. You don’t need a tool to change the setting so you can do it on the fly. The settings range from one-ounce per gallon to 12-ounces per gallon. When you are done with the job, you can simply switch the dial to off.

Durable for Use Anywhere
The Quart sprayer was designed with messes from small to big in mind. When it is switched to the offsetting, it will only supply water to the designated area. This helps save the solution and prevents waste.

A Sprayer that Works for Jobs of All Sizes
Alpha Tech Pet’s quart sprayer is a multi-function sprayer that works great for jobs big and small. Its quick set dial lets you change the speeds at your own pace, and you have the freedom to choose your own solution. Works great for messes in the animal care industry and for jobs at home.

Quick set dial in mixing head will adjust dilution rate for:

  • KennelSol – set dial at “B”
  • OdorPet – set dial at “E”
  • Water Only – set dial at “O”

Available as a complete kit. Replacement parts also available. Images (left) depict the quick-couplers.

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