OdorPet is our professional strength stain and pet odor remover that eliminates all the smells and stains pets leave behind.


OdorPet is an odor counter-actant and cleaner “for pet messes anywhere”.

  • OdorPet uses three modes of action to eliminate odors; immediately, intermediately and over time
  • Totally organic (green) and biodegradable
  • Proprietary components encapsulate odor producing substrates then free them for action by special strains of microbial components
  • Microbial components then clean and break-down debris to COand water (400+ billion microbes per gallon of diluted solution)
  • Excellent on urine, feces, animal body far buildups, blood, mucus and bird urates
  • The recommended use solution require to breakdown 1 gallon of urine is 2 oz of diluted solution
  • Makes cleaning easy
  • Remains optimally effective in temperature ranges between 100 –490C and pH ranges of 5 _ 9
  • Has a near natural pH
  • OdorPet attacks the source of the odors rather than masking them with perfumes
  • Safe for use around animal
  • Available as a ready to us spray as well as in a concentrated formula
  • OrdorPet is safe to use on carpeting, wood, tile & linoleum
  • 2 year shelf life, fresh black cherry fragrance

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