The EZ-Nabber provides a safe and humane way to handle animals. Intramuscular injections of tranquilizers, anesthetics and vaccines can be given through the net.

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Please note: Due to material shortages and high demand, we are experiencing delays in the manufacturing & supply of some products, including the EZ-Nabbers. EZ-Nabbers may take approximately 12+ weeks to arrive from the time of your order. We recommend that you place an order for this product, either on the website or by contacting us directly, to reserve your EZ-Nabber.

Ensuring safety for animal handlers, saving incredible amounts of time, and providing dozens of uses, the EZ-Nabber is a very smart and sound investment. In addition to providing a safe and humane way to capture animals, intramuscular injections of tranquilizers, anaesthetics and vaccines can be given through the net. Abscesses and wounds can be flushed, and the pet can be bathed in the net. Pets can be transferred from one cage to another without injury or stress to the animal or the practice staff. Pets can be removed from and/or placed in cardboard pet carriers. When the net becomes soiled, leave it on the frame and wash it in the tub with soap and water, use a disinfectant if needed.

Available in two sizes. Each size net is colour coded, allowing you to easily differentiate between the two:

  • 14″ (36 cm) – Blue
  • 16″ (41 cm) – Green

Replacement nets also available.

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