Essential Animal Handling Equipment for 2023

For veterinarians, animal control, and other animal professionals, having new, top of the line animal handling equipment can make the difference between safe, effective handling and potential escape, injury, or other negative outcomes. It is best for these professionals to be ready for any type of situation that comes their way, and there’s no better way to be prepared than to have a full kit of proper animal handling equipment at your disposal. We’ve put together a list of some of the top things an animal care professional will need to have in their kit, from gloves to catching poles to snares.

Animal Catching Poles

Catching poles are an essential part of catching all types of animals, domestic and wild, when they’re roaming about on their own. These poles are mainly used on dogs medium to large in size, but can also be used on cats, cougars, reptiles, and other wild animals. They are available as a long baton with noose on one end, or as a long extendable pole that keeps the animal being caught at a safe distance. Whether an animal is loose in your facility, or there’s an animal running loose in a neighbourhood nearby, animal catching poles are an essential piece of animal control equipment.

ACES carries a variety of these poles, including the Ketch-All Poles and the Dual Release Catch Pole from Humaniac.

Animal Gloves

Animal handling gloves are the first line of defense between you and a potentially aggressive animal. They come in various calibres that define their thicknesses, strengths, and other attributes that determine how strong they are. Different calibres of gloves are suitable for different types of animal handling situations.

For a good middle-of-the-road pair of gloves, the Humaniac Critter Gloves provide moderate protection up to the elbow as well as dexterity and touch screen compatibility. For stronger gloves, Bite Protection Gloves are lined with Kevlar® and have other reinforcements built into them. On the other end of the spectrum, Orphan Gloves provide a gentle touch to very young and vulnerable animals, and are usable by those with latex allergies.


A quintessential piece of animal handling equipment, and a must-have for animal professionals around the world. Snares offer a gentler, safer way of catching animals who are scared, evasive, or otherwise difficult to catch. Not for use on aggressive or otherwise dangerous animals.

ACES offers the Super Snare, as well as the Snappy Snare.

Animal/Pet Carriers

No animal handler should ever be caught without an animal carrier. Animal carriers are the one piece of animal handling equipment that professionals should have on hand whenever possible when in the field, and there are many different sizes and calibres of carrier to suit many types of animal situations.

From the consumer-friendly Pet Porter to the veterinarian-oriented Tru Catch Carrier, carriers are one item of animal handling equipment pet owners and animal professionals alike simply cannot do without.