Rabbit Traps


Various Options


  • It is harmless to native animals  
  • It is extremely safe to use
  • There are no baits or poisons required 
  • Each trap can catch more than one rabbit
  • It does not harm the rabbit 
  • It is re-usable indefinitely
  • It is cost effective in extermination 
  • It can clean out a whole warren of rabbits
  • You can trap feral cats which live in rabbit burrows and also various other burrowing animals
  • When ferreting instead of using nets use these traps; if the ferret doesn’t come out of the burrow leave the traps in the burrow and return later; the ferret is caught in the trap.
  • When ferreting by using these traps you don’t have to waste time in setting and re-setting as you would with nets; AND you can catch more than one rabbit at a time without re-setting
  • Traps are also cheap to purchase
  • And traps can be used in holes along netting fences

How To Use the Trap

SIMPLE. Just place long end piece moulding in burrow with the word “top” in the uppermost position (so that door closes by gravity). The long end piece is designed to fit most rabbit hole sizes. This trapping system is designed to eradicate rabbits from a complete warren. Each burrow MUST have its own trap for this system to be successful.

The traps are sold in an un-assembled box of 5 or 10.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 60 cm


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