Blo-jector Kit


Uses Type ‘P’ darts. Simple to use and effective from 30 – 914 cm distance. Ideal for those with occasional close-range contact. Light impact dart.

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With Type ‘P’ darts, Pneu-Dart’s economical Blo-Jector device can be effective from 1 to 30 ft (30 – 914 cm) and is very simple to use. It is an ideal tool for the person with occasional, close-range use, such as animal shelter and zoo personnel, veterinarians, and individuals who have deer penned. With the proper drug, animals from the size of monkeys to steer can be successfully immobilized. There is minimal bruising or tissue damage because dart impact is very light.

Place dart in end with mouth piece. Sight over end of tube with both eyes open and give a hearty puff. With a little practice, you can be amazingly accurate.

Although we only recommend 1/2 cc – 1 1/2 cc darts, at close range some of our customers are successful with our larger darts.

Blo-Jector Kit Contents:

  • 2x – 23″ (58 cm) tubes
  • 6x -Type ‘P’ 1 cc darts with assorted needle lengths
  • 1x -1 cc hypodermic fill  syringe with three 19-gauge fill needles
  • 3x-1 cc practice darts
  • Soft nylon carrying case

Blo-Jector is a .50 caliber made with anodized aluminum and equipped with a replaceable rubber mouthpiece.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 125 × 25 × 5 cm

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