Kevlar® Arm Protector Sleeves


These 14″ (35cm) Kevlar® Arm Protector Sleeves with thumb holes can be worn under your uniform and can be combined with our Duty or Deluxe Animal Handling Gloves. The sleeve will give you an extra layer of protection, without the bulk.
Sold in pairs.

PLEASE NOTE: Some stock may not include the thumb hole. If this is important to you, please contact us prior to purchasing.
Stock without the thumb hole does not provide coverage for the palm.


These sleeves provide protection for your palms and forearms. They can be worn alone (pair with our Duty or Deluxe Duty Gloves), or underneath other gloves and sleeves as added protection (eg. pair with our Humaniac™ Arm protector sleeves, Critter Gloves, or V-Pro gloves).

What is Kevlar?

Created by Stephanie Kwolek, DuPont Kevlar® is a heat-resistant para-aramid synthetic fiber with a molecular structure of many inter-chain bonds that make Kevlar® incredibly strong. Best known for its use in ballistic body armor, Kevlar® also has many other applications because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio.

Due to the fully extended and perfectly aligned molecular chains within Kevlar® fibre, Kevlar® provides a strong protective barrier against slashes, cuts and punctures.


  • Length: 14″ (35cm)
  • Fabric/Material: Two-ply Kevlar® Knit
  •  Stretches for comfortable fit and full range of motion
  •  Worn to elbow or middle of upper arm
  •  Thumbhole for more coverage of the palm and back of hand
  •  Provides cut, puncture, and abrasion protection
  •  Double layer DuPont™ Kevlar® knit
  •  Made in the USA

Product Care:

  • Machine wash in cold water. Dry in low heat. Do not hang in direct sunlight.
  • Wash according to the instructions above to remove any contaminants in order to maintain fabric performance when garment becomes soiled with dirt, greases, oils, etc.
  • If contaminants cannot be removed after laundering, it is best to discontinue use of garment.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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