Jiffy Tags


Instant ID tags with a paper writing surface on which enter complete information with any pen. Popular with pet owners, shelters, clinics, and pet shops. Great for traveling, disaster, any time. Individually poly bagged or in bulk boxes of 1000.


Humaniactm Jiffy Tags are permanent instant pet ID’s that you seal in plastic.  These tags are strong enough for a St. Bernard and light enough for cats. Once you have written in the details of the animal you then seal the tag and attach it to the animal’s collar.  No tools or glue necessary.

These tags are perfect for shelters – send the animal home with their updated details already attached to their collars.  In an emergency/disaster situation you can immediately tag animals as you receive them.

Sold as:

  • Single units – individually sealed, or in a
  • Bulk box of 1,000 tags
  • Free sample upon request.

Additional information

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