Freeman Extendable ‘Y’ Pole


The Freeman Y Pole is now extendable, making it easier to ship, transport and store. The Y Pole is used to restrain wild or feral canids against a solid surface (eg. ground or wall) for capture, chemical immobilization, or simple treatments (such as injuries).


Dr. Mark Johnson of Global Wildlife Resources introduced the Y pole to the animal welfare community in 2008. It is an essential tool for difficult to manage dogs within a facility and also for wildlife professionals working with fractious canids. The Y pole is only effective for restraining animals which are already cornered or captured, but not yet safe enough to handle. The Y pole is a humane tool to gently control an animal. It is made with rust-resistant thicker aluminum for extra durability.

It allows practitioners to perform simple hands-on procedures such as:

  • Additional physical restraint
  • Injecting vaccinations, antibiotics, or anesthesia
  • Partial physical examinations and minor treatment of wounds


  • Extra Padding: To help protect canine teeth.
  • Lightweight & Balanced: Easily maneuver in place and hold in position longer
  • Easily Adjustable Length: Thumb button locks securely in place to quickly secure the best position.

Available as:


This original and carefully designed  Standard Y-Head is an industry standard worldwide. This design has a proven track record of many years assisting animal specialists in the field and in facilities. Provides a focused contact area for the neck and, in some cases, limbs. Achieve secure holds when needed.

  • Handy to move in tighter spaces & retracts for easier transport.
  • Measure tip to tail: approx. 31” (79 cm) & Extends to: approx. 50” (127 cm)
  • Approx. weight: 2.6 lbs ( 1.2 kg )

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 80 × 23 × 11 cm

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