Compact Max Scanner


This pocket-sized scanner is water resistant and is the most user friendly scanner on the market. Easily recharged in your vehicle.
The ideal scanner for vet clinics, shelters, rescues and animal control agencies, the Compact Max Pocket Sized Scanner has best-in-class reading performance and can read any companion animal microchip.

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The best of Datamars reading technology packed in an extremely reduced form factor.

Thanks to its peripheral antenna, the COMPACT MAX features top of the range reading distances in a form factor small enough to fit in your pocket! The scanner is also exceptionally versatile, being able to read FDX-B (ISO), FDX-A/Fecava, Trovan and Avid encrypted microchips. Its water resistant housing also makes it the ideal scanner to use in any condition. COMPACT MAX has great ergonomics and a very intuitive icon based, graphic interface which makes it the easiest reader to use on the market. All of this and it can be charged in your vehicle! Reader only, no micro-chips.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 11 × 6 cm
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