Mastering Snake Handling Equipment with ACES

Navigating the enigmatic world of snakes requires top-notch snake handling equipment. With many fearing and misunderstanding these creatures, the right equipment is essential for both the safety of the handler and the well-being of the snake. Whether you’re a seasoned herpetologist, a snake enthusiast, or someone who unexpectedly encounters these reptiles, ensuring you’re equipped with the best tools is paramount. ACES, renowned for their dedication to quality and safety, provides a comprehensive range of products tailored for varied levels of experience and needs in snake management.

1. Snake Hooks: Snake Handling Equipment for the Skilled

snake handling equipment

A snake hook is a staple for experienced snake handlers. The use of a hook allows for minimal physical contact with the snake, thereby reducing stress on the animal and ensuring the handler’s safety.

  • Standard Hook: This is an all-rounder, ideal for most snake species. Its design ensures a safe distance between the handler and the snake, with a collapsible version available for easy transport and storage.
  • Narrow (Elapid) Hook: Particularly suited for many of the snakes found in Australia, this hook’s design is tailored to manage agile and fast-moving species.
  • Heavy Duty Hook: When dealing with larger and potentially more aggressive snakes, strength and stability are paramount. The Heavy Duty Hook is engineered for just that.

2. Snake Tongs: Beginner’s Best Friend

snake tong

Snake tongs are great snake handling equipment for those who are less experienced or perhaps a bit apprehensive. The High Grade Snake Tongs from ACES stand out with:

  • Construction from aircraft-grade aluminum tubing, guaranteeing durability.
  • Internal wiring that ensures robust functionality.
  • A hand-contoured pistol grip providing comfort and ease of use.
  • A wide grip size and a powerful mechanism, enabling the safe handling of larger snakes than many other tongs in the market.

3. Bag-a-Snake: Secure Containment Solution

snake catching bag

After safely catching a snake, the next step is secure containment. The ‘Bag-a-Snake’ catching bag from ACES is a masterpiece of thoughtful design:

  • A sturdy aluminium triangular frame with a detachable handle offers stability and flexibility.
  • A double-layer black cotton bag provides opacity, which can calm the contained snake.
  • The bag’s Velcro® taping ensures a secure fit to the frame, preventing accidental escapes.
  • With the attached ties, snakes can be securely fastened within the bag, ensuring safety during transport or temporary containment.

4. Safety First: Humaniac™ Protective Wear

Direct contact with snakes, whether intentional or accidental, carries risks. Bites and scratches, apart from being painful, can be potentially dangerous. This is where the Humaniac™ protective line comes into play when considering proper snake handling equipment:

  • Deluxe Duty Gloves: Composed of resilient Elkhide and lined with Dupont™ Kevlar®, these gloves offer a fantastic balance between protection and dexterity. They shield from bites and scratches while allowing users the tactile sensation crucial for handling. The gloves are also smartphone-friendly – a modern touch to traditional safety.
  • Arm Protector Sleeves: These are lined entirely with Dupont™ Kevlar® and covered with a lightweight, penetration-resistant, ballistic nylon. These sleeves, measuring 16″ / 41cm in length, protect the forearm from potential bites and scratches. They’re versatile, can be worn alone or paired with ACES gloves, and are designed to fit all sizes.

Applications and Scenarios

From research expeditions in the wild and zookeepers handling resident reptiles to emergency responders in urban areas where snakes might be found, the applications for ACES snake handling equipment are vast. Imagine a snake discovered in a backyard or a school playground. Having the right equipment not only ensures the snake is handled without harm but also safeguards the handler and the public. Wildlife rescuers and educators, who frequently host demonstrations, will find these tools indispensable.

As we strive for coexistence with the natural world, tools and equipment that prioritize safety become vital. ACES, with its comprehensive range of snake handling equipment, is at the forefront of this mission. Whether you’re an expert in herpetology or someone with a newfound interest in these magnificent creatures, ACES ensures that safety never takes a backseat. After all, in the dance between man and snake, both should emerge unscathed.