Elevate Your Animal Control with Care

In the realm of animal care and conservation, the importance of reliable equipment cannot be overstated. Having the right tools is important for animal control, wildlife rescue, shelter care, and veterinary and chemical capture.

Animal Care Equipment and Services can be your trusted partner in animal care. We prioritize the well-being of animals. In this article, we will explain how.

Animal Control: Managing and Protecting Communities

Effective animal control is an essential component of maintaining the safety and well-being of both animals and humans in communities. Animal Care Equipment and Services provides tools for animal control professionals to ensure the humane treatment of animals in their daily tasks.

Humane Traps: The Cornerstone of Ethical Animal Control

Humane traps are indispensable tools for animal control professionals. These traps are designed to capture and contain animals in a manner that minimizes stress and harm to the creatures. Whether dealing with stray domestic animals or wildlife, humane traps allow for the safe capture and subsequent release or relocation of animals.

We provide a variety of humane traps designed for different species and situations. From live traps for raccoons and skunks to multi-catch traps for rodents, our equipment meets the diverse needs of animal control efforts. These traps are constructed with the well-being of both animals and handlers in mind, ensuring a safer and more ethical approach to animal control.

Capture Nets and Restraint Equipment: Ensuring Safety and Control

animal control net

Capture nets and restraint equipment are vital tools for animal control professionals when dealing with unpredictable or aggressive animals. Our range of capture nets and restraint devices are designed to provide the control needed to safely handle animals in high-stress situations.

Capture nets allow for the safe immobilization and containment of animals, reducing the risk of injury to both animals and handlers. Tools like gloves and poles help professionals handle animals without hurting or stressing them.

Wildlife Rescue: Saving Lives and Ensuring Rehabilitation

Wildlife rescue operations require specialized equipment to safely capture, transport, and care for injured or distressed animals. We offer a variety of products designed specifically for wildlife rescue efforts, enabling professionals to provide the best care possible.

Wildlife Capture Nets: Gentle and Effective Capture

Wildlife capture nets are designed to facilitate the safe and gentle capture of injured or distressed animals. These nets are crafted with materials that minimize stress and injury to the animals, allowing for a more compassionate approach to rescue operations.

Our range of wildlife capture nets includes options suitable for various species and sizes. Whether you’re rescuing birds, small mammals, or larger wildlife, our nets are designed to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Transport Cages: Secure and Comfortable Transport

Once captured, injured animals must be safely transported to rehabilitation facilities or veterinary care centers. Animal Care Equipment and Services provides a range of transport cages designed to meet the needs of wildlife rescue professionals.

These cages offer secure containment while ensuring the comfort and well-being of the animals during transport. Proper ventilation, easy access for feeding and cleaning, and secure latching mechanisms are key features of our transport cages.

Handling Gloves: Protection for Rescuers and Wildlife

rabies gloves - animal control

Wildlife rescue can involve handling animals that may be frightened, injured, or carrying diseases. In such situations, personal protection for rescuers is paramount. Our handling gloves are designed to provide both comfort and protection.

Constructed from high-quality materials, our gloves offer excellent dexterity while safeguarding against bites, scratches, and potential zoonotic diseases. They are an essential part of the toolkit for wildlife rescue professionals.

Shelter Care: Providing Comfort and Security

Animal shelters play a vital role in caring for abandoned or surrendered animals. We offer a range of products to support shelter operations, ensuring that animals receive the attention and support they deserve.

Animal Housing and Containment Solutions: Comfort and Security

Shelter animals require safe and comfortable housing options. We provide a variety of animal housing and containment solutions that cater to the diverse needs of animal shelters.

From sturdy kennels for dogs to secure enclosures for cats and small animals, our products are designed to provide sheltered animals with a sense of security and well-being. Properly designed enclosures help reduce stress and promote a more positive environment for animals awaiting adoption.

Feeding and Sanitation Equipment: Ensuring Hygiene and Nutrition

animal control bowl

Maintaining proper hygiene and nutrition is essential in shelter environments. Our range of feeding and sanitation equipment is tailored to meet these needs, supporting shelter staff in providing optimal care.

Automatic feeders and waterers help ensure that animals receive regular, consistent nutrition and hydration. Sanitation equipment, including cleaning supplies and waste disposal solutions, make it easier to maintain a clean and healthy shelter environment.

Veterinary and Chemical Capture: Precision and Safety

Veterinarians and wildlife professionals often require specialized equipment for chemical capture and medical procedures. We provide a comprehensive range of veterinary and chemical capture tools to support these critical tasks, emphasizing precision and safety.

Blowpipe Systems: Remote Drug Delivery with Precision

Blowpipe systems are invaluable tools for delivering medication or immobilizing agents to animals from a distance. Our blowpipe systems are designed for precision, ensuring accurate delivery while minimizing stress to the animals.

These systems are versatile and can be adapted for use with various darts, allowing professionals to customize their approach based on species and conditions. Blowpipe systems are widely used in wildlife research and veterinary applications, ensuring the welfare of animals in medical interventions.

Dart Guns: Controlled Drug Delivery for Veterinary Care

Dart guns are specialized devices used for controlled drug delivery in veterinary care and wildlife management. Our dart guns are designed to provide precise control over the injection process, minimizing stress and ensuring accurate dosing.

These tools are commonly used in veterinary procedures and chemical capture efforts. They are particularly useful when dealing with wild or semi-wild animals where traditional methods of medication delivery may not be feasible.

Remote Drug Delivery Equipment: Safety and Efficiency

animal care - blowdart

Remote drug delivery equipment, such as blowpipe darts and dart projectors, play a crucial role in chemical capture and medical procedures. We offer a comprehensive range of darts and equipment designed for safety and efficiency.

Darts are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different species and medications. The equipment is designed to ensure the safe and humane administration of drugs while minimizing stress to the animals.


In the world of animal care and conservation, the right equipment can make all the difference. Whether you’re involved in animal control, wildlife rescue, shelter care, or veterinary and chemical capture, we are here to support your efforts.

With a commitment to humane practices, safety, and efficiency, our products are trusted by professionals across the industry. Improve your animal care with reliable tools and equipment. Take care of animals and the communities you serve.

Partner with us and make a positive impact on the world of animal care and conservation today. By choosing our comprehensive range of equipment, you are not only enhancing the welfare of animals but also contributing to a safer and more compassionate approach to animal care in your community and beyond. Trust in our expertise and join us in elevating animal care standards worldwide.