Best Animal Attack Deterrents for 2023

With situations as dangerous as animal attacks, being unprepared in the event of one isn’t an option. Veterinary professionals should always have at least one, but preferably more animal attack deterrents on hand for if an animal suddenly becomes aggressive, or is visibly and outwardly dangerous. The methods we use to protect against these attacks involve quick discipline and, in the event of a bite, tools to help break that bite. These are our most popular animal attack deterrents of 2023.

Bite Sticks

Bite Sticks are designed to put distance between you and the aggressive animal, most typically a dog. It is a baton-like device that flicks open as a show of dominance in the animal’s mind, and the varying degrees of length available in Bite Sticks allows you to select the best length of Bite Stick for you and your typical animal control situations. ACES sells two different caliber of Bite Stick, standard and premium, as well as an attachment that fits to the end of the stick that you can use to break vehicle glass in an emergency, such as an animal being trapped in a hot car during the summer.

Pet Corrector Spray

The Pet Corrector spray is a canister of pressurized air that lets out a sound unpleasant to dogs and other animals when activated. This sound will deter any animal from performing a bad or unwanted behavior, including attacks if necessary. It is a tool that is handy in stopping habitual aggression toward people and other animals. However, it should not be used as a first line of defense against wild or strange dogs who are displaying aggressive behaviors.

Break Sticks

redstick break stick

Also known as the Red Stick, Break Sticks “break” the bites of dogs who have latched their jaws onto a person, another animal, or something that they should otherwise not be biting. It is a hard, plastic stick that is wedged between the canines of an attacking dog, just before where the jaws meet, which is one of the most vulnerable places in a dog’s mouth and therefore a place that is helpful in breaking bites. Break Sticks have a built-in finger guard and weigh less than a pound.