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Pneu-Dart Darting Equipment feed

Pneu-Dart (pronounced new-dart) offers the broadest range of American-made chemical capture equipment. They have high quality projectors with cartridge, CO2, or air-fire options. Their disposable darts eliminate cleaning and are the simplest darts to use of any on the market. Pneu-Dart projectors have a 13mm barrel and accept only Pneu-Dart darts. Pneu-Dart projectors are also the most economical available with the quality demanded by animal care and control and other professionals. Unless you are adding to an existing system, we recommend buying your Pneu-Dart equipment in a full kit to be sure you have everything you need.

Optional Gun Kits include the following items:
  • 1 (5) pk each; 1cc darts, 1/2" needle; 2cc darts, 3/4" needle; 3cc darts, 1" needle
    • Type ?P? for CO2
    • Type ?C? for Cartridge-Fired
  • 1 ? 11/2" hypodermic needle
  • 5 ? 12grm CO2 cartridges
    • CO2 Rifles and Pistols only
  • 1 box each; brown, green, & yellow charges
    • Cartridge-Fired Rifles only
  • 1 loading syringe
  • 1 cloth target
  • 1 hard case
CO2 & Air Projectors

CO2 and air rifles and pistols are excellent lower-power delivery systems for shorter range requirements ? up to 35 meters ? such as most animal control situations in urbanised areas and animals in more confined circumstances. Each projector has a Power Control Valve to adjust the dart muzzle velocity. All take type 'P' darts.

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